April 29th, 2012


Yes, I did receive the Mists of Pandaria beta invite some time ago. Before all of my Guildies did. And I did felt really guilty…

Well, not really.

I haven’t had much time to play though, due to the fact that I am ALWAYS sleepy (might have something to do with the three-month-old in the house…), so by 9 pm, I am already falling asleep. Which means I haven’t had time to spend with my Guildies, let alone explore much of Pandaria’s content. Still, it turns out the Kung Fu Pandas are not as silly as I thought, and the Monk class is pretty cool. The question now is: will the arrival of the Pandas stop the slow, but never ending, exodus of WoW players to, say, The Old Republic?

I have no answer for that.




  1. Jose


  2. R2D2

    5 years later Dungeons and Dragons Online gets a revamp! too bad there are so many WoW flooding the servers, trying to compare the awesomeness of DDO to other lesser forms of DnD

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