A Rodney Dangerfield Movie
May 13th, 2012

A Rodney Dangerfield Movie

In today’s world, not having a college education means having to be stuck in a job dealing with crap. Daily. Non-stop.

It’s a scientific fact.

And yes, some of us college educated peeps also have to deal with crap, but at least we know there’s a possibility, a slight hope that we might be able to, some day, escape. People like poor Will are stuck in that hellhole forever.

Until they decide to do something about it.

Now Will will embark in a new adventure. An adventure which entails being the only one over 25 in a classroom full of 18 year olds…

Please, wish the bastard some luck.

On a, slightly happier note. we wish all our moms, our readers who are moms and all moms everywhere a happy Mother’s Day! Remember to print out your gift for mom!


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