And I Now Pronounce You
June 17th, 2012

And I Now Pronounce You

Yes, this did most definitively NOT happen in my wedding. Given that I’ve been married 8 years, that would have been slightly more topical there. What did happen was that my bride arrived two hours late, and the priest was getting antsy. My wife is not a girly stereotype at all, she’s a gamer, an adventurer and an amazing woman all around, but the one girl stereotype she has never been able to shake, is being perennially late. She’s gotten better at it through the years, but it’s still a major pain for me. I absolutely hate being late for anything.


In other things, happy Father’s Day to all of you dads out there. Today is my first Father’s Day ever. I am spending the day with my two fabulous women, my wife and our 5-month-old daughter. My wife is cooking for me. Did I mention she’s an awesome cook too?

I’m a lucky guy!



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