Follow The Light
July 12th, 2009

Follow The Light

A geek with a convertible equals the most extreme farmer’s tan ever to see (or not see) the light of day! Just ask Germán, whose bare back only sees the sun when Rick, my wife and me drag him to the beach, over hundreds of curses, once a year (and even then, there are clear fingernail tracks from the house all the way to the water). Yet his face and arms are always neatly tanned thanks to his beloved Honda S2000 roadster.

I guess we should be thankful. At least he gets some vitamin D that way.

So, fess up. How bad is your paleness? Can you blind your friends? Do you reflect over 10,000 lumens even on a Moonless night?




  1. mc

    I am so pale that all the sun rays are redirected towards those around me thus increasing their tanning process…

  2. Jose

    I have friends that are like this, that they take an umbrella to the beach, so it’s like a eclipse can happen any moment.

  3. Punky

    my skin is so pale, the sun is scare of me :/

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