Fun In The Sun
July 26th, 2009

Fun In The Sun

In this week’s installment the Summer hi-jinks continue with a beach-time classic. Will’s paleness is literally a blank canvas this time around.

On that note,  hopefully you have noticed some changes to the art this week. Nothing mayor, just some minor tweaks that will help us evolve our artwork throughout the upcoming strips.




  1. Punky

    LOL! that’s a classic. can’t wait until he sees his racoon eyes thanx to his sunglasses XD

  2. Rafa

    That totally reminds me of the time I got that scarlet sunburn with you guys in Cabo Rojo.

  3. Dastardly

    Good work guys

  4. Jose

    I forgot to update my TWATGeek folder, with this comic strip, that prank is such a classic

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