Don’t Feed The Tiger
February 28th, 2010

Don’t Feed The Tiger

I learned English reading comic strips.


My mom and dad had vast collections of vintage comic collections, everything from Peanuts, B.C. to Mad magazine, and I’d spend hours reading each and every book over and over again until I got them. (I did have problems with Doonesbury. But, hey, how can a seven-year-old get Doonesbury? I’m pretty sure Garry Trudeau himself sometimes doesn’t get Doonesbury.) It was this influence that shaped my sensibilities and my sense of humor. It also helped foster a deep, life-long love for cartooning.

Rick and Germán have also been greatly influenced by comic strips. I know Rick had an unhealthy obsession with Garfield (that is, until Jim Davis sold out hard) and Germán shares my devotion to classic Schulz.

One strip we all absolutely love is Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes. It’s one of our major inspirations behind The World According to Geek. This is our way of saying thanks Watterson for all those years of complete joy he gave us. (Albeit in our own unique way!)

So, thank you Mr. Watterson for the inspiration, the laughter and the constant insanity of one of our favorite comic strips ever.




  1. Dastardly

    rotfl. thanks for the lols

  2. Fátima

    yeah, thank you Mr. Watterson

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