Enter The Number Of Douches Required
March 14th, 2010

Enter The Number Of Douches Required

This is one of those comic strips where you really have to be a geek to fully get it. Think of it as a geek test. If you do get it, you’re part of the nerd tribe. If you are left scratching your head, well, turn in your geek card at the door, thankyouverymuch.

In every office, specifically in every IT department, there is at least one older dude who is there only for maintaining the company’s legacy systems. Which is fine and dandy. But the problem is that many of these professionals get stuck specializing in outdated technology and, perhaps by laziness, don’t keep current with changing times. Then, they get downsized and…well, they get screwed.

One of the profound pieces of advice I give my technical writing students (yeah, I’m deep like that!) is that, as a future IT professional, they NEED to keep current with the times. They can’t get complacent, they need to keep swimming or sink into the dark, murky waters below.

Yeah, the corporate world is exactly like that. Dark and murky. With gallons of coffee. And, of course, floating number two pencils.

(Actually, my favorite description of office life comes straight from Ricardo. “My job is like Office Space…but without Jennifer Aniston.)

Anyways, this pearl of wisdom, keep up or die, really applies to all fields of work we geeks are found. As a college teacher, I have to keep up with the new waves of education (and popular culture…I need to keep being the “cool professor,” you know!) I’m sure that your job also requires continuing education.

That’s why they invented Wikipedia, right?




  1. DT

    True to life.

  2. mc

    this is so pure it seems real life … wait it is an example of real life (xept for the head explosion!)

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