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Geek Trivia – Han Solo was in Firefly

For all you Firefly fans, who may also be in Star Wars fans as well. Here is a very interesting fact, that might save your life one day or be the answer to that $50,000 question.

Han Solo was in Firefly. Yes! The famous iconic Han Solo carbonite figure has appeared in a few episodes of the short lived sci-fi series.

(The figure is marked in the a red box, image was supplied by /Film)

You can see more snapshots visiting – /Film



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The Real Talk for Geek Dads & Future Geek Dads

Theirs that point in life in which you have found that special lady in which she will someday wear that most famous costume in geek movie history, which might lead to the birth of your first born. Then parenthood steps in and the important question comes up:  How can I explain Star Wars to my little padawan?  Well the guys from came up with a video on how to deal with this problem.


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Geek Films – Green Lantern Trailer

Well Geeks and Geekettes,

Here you have the official trailer to the one of the most anticipated films coming in summer 11′.

Enjoy it after the jump.

(via /Film)


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Geek News: There was another Marty McFly

Yes! All you Back to the Future fans there was another Marty McFly and it was Eric Stoltz. He was the original Marty McFly to the point that he did 5 weeks of work, but when director Robert Zemeckis saw some of the finish work there was something missing.

View the video after the jump, explaining the decision that Zemeckis’ made.

You can see more special features once the Blue-Ray edition of Back to the Future hit stores Oct.26, 2010.



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Geek Videos – Cappella Tribute to John Williams

One of my mates back in England posted this video and, I had to share it will you guys.


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