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Quentin Tarantino Tweets The Future…

I’m gonna make your day. Quentin Tarantino has tweeted that Beatrix Kiddo will be back. Kill Bill 3 is coming in 2013. If you’re a fan, you’ll remember that he had said he wanted to make a new chapter in the Kill Bill story, with Nikki, Vernita’s daughter, seeking vengeance on Beatrix, aka The Bride. According to the short preview Tatantino posted, the movie is going to be centered on precisely that.

Is this a hoax? Is good ol’ Quentin laughing at our expense? I hope not. I would love a new Kill Bill movie!


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Mario Bros. Movie Trailer: How a Video Game Movie Adaptation Shouldn’t (Or Should!) Be Done

I really enjoy machinisma. It’s a fun genre where really imaginative people get their creative juices flowing. And, every once in a while, you get a gem like this one. This fake trailer for a Mario Bros. movie is just…fantastic. It’s everything you’ve never wanted from a Mario movie. But it’ll be the coolest Mario-related video you’ve seen in a while.


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Thor Trailer is Online (Finally!)

Comicbook movie has just posted the full trailer for the upcoming Thor movie.

Check it out here!

Pros: Thor looks fantastic, so does Loki. Asgard looks incredible, Anthony Hopkins makes an awesome Odin.

Cons: I am not convinced with what the trailer shows with the plot. It looks kind of cliche and predictable. I really hope the movie shows more of Asgard that of Midgard.


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This Cake is Great. It’s so Delicious and Moist: Own Your Own GlaDOS!

Sort of!

Cute & odd merchandise from the amazing game Portal (and its eagerly awaited sequel Portal 2) are nothing new. After all, we did get the cutetastic¬† weighted companion cube plushie. Now Etsy seller Penguinotic is releasing these fantastic GlaDOS core talking plushies. Not only are they adorable in a strange kind of way, they talk too, spewing passive-aggressiveness filled lines from the game! Check out the short video below, if you’re still alive!

Curiosity Sphere Plushie from Katy Creider on Vimeo.

Thanks to Gerardo for the heads-up!


Space Invaders is Now Furniture!

Yes, you read that right. Our beloved Space Invaders has now been turned into furniture. You can now decorate your living room in 8-bit goodness with this fantastic sofa. Designer and motorcycle enthusiast Igor Chak has created this quite fantastic sofa concept that, albeit looking quite uncomfortable, looks damned cool.

Check out more pics at Chak’s personal site.

Via Kotaku

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