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Mario Bros. Movie Trailer: How a Video Game Movie Adaptation Shouldn’t (Or Should!) Be Done

I really enjoy machinisma. It’s a fun genre where really imaginative people get their creative juices flowing. And, every once in a while, you get a gem like this one. This fake trailer for a Mario Bros. movie is just…fantastic. It’s everything you’ve never wanted from a Mario movie. But it’ll be the coolest Mario-related video you’ve seen in a while.


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Back to the Future Game Trailer!!!!

I haven’t been this excited about a video game since Super Mario Brothers 3.


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NES inspired stuff that will make you Geekgasm

If you’re like me, an old school gamer who love to play NES from time to time, you will drool when you see these awesome goodies inspired by one of the coolest consoles ever.

Let’s Start with the NES bed sheets:
holy crap!
You’ll sleep like a 8-bit Baby ^_^

Next it’s the NES coffee table
me wants!

Not only has a fully working Big size NES controller

It has an lid to attach more devices. Awesomesauce!

Coming up next is a Giant NES controller PC Case Mod

Made by some kids in Sweden for a School Project, it only cost them 1500 Kronor (like $300) to make. It’s kinda big but sure is amazing what you can do with so little money.

Lastly, I leave you with my favorite, the NES controller Coffee table
too awesome for words
This baby has storage space for all your geeky needs

And not only that, the coolest thing about it is that is a fully functional NES controller!

Now that’s what I called Hardcore \m/


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This Cake is Great. It’s so Delicious and Moist: Own Your Own GlaDOS!

Sort of!

Cute & odd merchandise from the amazing game Portal (and its eagerly awaited sequel Portal 2) are nothing new. After all, we did get the cutetastic¬† weighted companion cube plushie. Now Etsy seller Penguinotic is releasing these fantastic GlaDOS core talking plushies. Not only are they adorable in a strange kind of way, they talk too, spewing passive-aggressiveness filled lines from the game! Check out the short video below, if you’re still alive!

Curiosity Sphere Plushie from Katy Creider on Vimeo.

Thanks to Gerardo for the heads-up!


Space Invaders is Now Furniture!

Yes, you read that right. Our beloved Space Invaders has now been turned into furniture. You can now decorate your living room in 8-bit goodness with this fantastic sofa. Designer and motorcycle enthusiast Igor Chak has created this quite fantastic sofa concept that, albeit looking quite uncomfortable, looks damned cool.

Check out more pics at Chak’s personal site.

Via Kotaku

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