Wednesday, 16 of April of 2014

Blogosphere buzzes about J.J.’s Star Trek

We’ve been having a blast with our fans’ reaction to this week’s comic. It seems that most of our Trekkie fans agree with our perception of J.J. Abrams‘ new Star Trek movie. (Also, our non-Trekkies fans seem to think that Will’s reaction is completely justified, smart even…)

Well, apparently the Trekkie blogosphere is also in consensus.  The movie looks damned cool, but it’s clearly not in continuity with the classic Trek.

One of my favorite Trek blogs,, is running a series of posts that chronicle the reactions of various contributors to the trailer and the movie in general. The most recent one, written by Mark Altman, of Free Enterprise fame, I think is the most complete appraisal of what we have seen from the movie thus far. In summary, the movie looks awesome but, with just the trailer, there are so many inconsistencies with canon that it shouldn’t be called a “prequel” but a reboot.

I know I’m beating a dead horse here, but Altman’s reaction which you can check out here, is a good read.


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